Election Day is Tuesday, August 31st

Meet Kevin Griffin

Conservative Republican for Texas House of Representatives District 10

  • Husband & Father

  • Local Rancher

  • Business Owner

  • First Responder

  • Not a Politician

Election Day is Tuesday, August 31st

For Others, It’s Just Politics. For Me, It’s Personal.

Dear Friend,

My name is Kevin Griffin, I am a husband, father, rancher and businessman, not a career politician.  I am running for the Texas House of Representatives because I am tired of politicians who are all hat and no cattle.

As a businessman, I know how to create good jobs, balance budgets and tackle complex issues.  In Austin, politicians just spend more of your money, kick the can down the road and almost nothing gets done.

While Texas is facing enormous issues due to government over-reach, incompetence and out of control spending, politicians are using the pandemic as an excuse to justify their incompetence. I am here to call them out for feeding us a bunch of bull.

In the midst of the pandemic, my ranch and meat processing facility continued supplying Texas families with food to put on their tables each day.  It was not easy keeping the supply chain moving in the midst of government mandates and regulations, but we got the job done.

With your help, we can get the job done in Austin too. I am asking for your vote, so we can get to work delivering property tax relief, balancing the budget, solving the border crisis, and reducing the size of the government.

For Others, It’s Just Politics. For Me, It’s Personal.

The right choice for Texas… and that's no bull!

Kevin Griffin.

Defending the Second Amendment

I am a lifetime member of the NRA and a proud gun owner who believes that the right to protect our families is non-negotiable.  I will oppose any legislation that infringes on our Second Amendment rights. 

Protecting the right to life

I am pro-life.  As a father and a Christian, I will be a staunch defender of the most innocent among us – the unborn.

Economic Growth

As a businessman, I know that the best way to grow our economy is by reducing the tax rate getting rid of job-killing government regulations.  The time to streamline government is long overdue.

Securing our border

The border crisis is no longer just impacting border towns, it is impacting North Texas because they are shipping illegal immigrants here.  If Washington will not protect our border with Mexico, then we need to take matters into our own hands.

Protecting private property rights

It is imperative that your right to own and manage property is preserved.  The proposed high-speed rail system is just another example of pet projects conjured up by bureaucrats and politicians who are out of touch.

Cutting taxes

I have run several businesses and I balance my own checkbook and the rules are simple – just because you have it, does not mean you spend it, but that is what politicians do.

We need to reduce the tax burden, cut spending and streamline the government so it operates more efficiently and provides better services to taxpayers.

Supporting first responders

The scenes that we have watched in cities like Portland and Chicago are beyond ludicrous.  First responders deserve our respect and the necessary funds to keep our families safe and protect themselves.

Election integrity

The fabric of our nation is woven together by fair elections.  There are too many stories about voter fraud right here in Texas, and the simple fix is to verify the identity of every voter.